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Operation Flashpoint


Устанавливает позицию объекта на карте. Координата Z - относительно земли.


object setPos pos
object: Object
pos: Array - format Position
Возвращаемое значение:


Пример 1:
player setPos [ getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, (getPos this select 2) +10]
Пример 2:
obj1 setpos [ getPos obj1 select 0, getPos obj1 select 1, -5]
Пример 3:
player setPos (getPos someobject)

Дополнительная информация

ArmA 1.00 - 1.06: This command has local effect, but some simulation types do synchronise their changes over the network whilst others do not. The only known object types that currently, don't synchronise their positions over the net, are statics (simulation = "house").

Since ArmA 1.08 and later the command is global for every object again.

См. также:
setPosASL, getPos, setVehiclePosition



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obj1 setPos [x,y,z]

Will place most objects z metres above ground level (negative numbers for underground). But if obj1 is a trigger then it will be placed z metres above sea level. This can be very useful if you want to check a unit's height above sea level but it can be a problem if you want to move a trigger to create an explosion or a sound. To move a trigger to a location at ground level:
triggername setPos [x,y,0]
triggername setPos [x,y,abs(getPos triggername select 2)]

Note for Armed Assault: Using setPos for a trigger will work in exactly the same way that setPos works for other objects - namely that setPos [x,y,z] will place the trigger z metres above ground level.

SetPos for static objects like a ammo crate do not work in MP.

Comment applicable to Ver 1.96 and earlier:

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